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Monday, 29 December 2014

Scenario of education system in India

With the emergence of high technology in India, its education system is also appearing as a powerful weapon to get all the aspects of it and challenge the foreign countries with their upcoming technological development. No doubt, our country is a land of rituals and beliefs but, we have also made remarkable imprints in the worldwide with the talented minds of the people of our country. There are numerous stages of educating a child in India. A student has to go through the various phases such as primary, higher secondary, senior secondary, graduation and post graduation. One can also get various extra skills of his or her interest. The refinement of a child is done through all these phases and hence, a filtered future of our country is being developed. The education India is provided both by private and public sector.

There are number of world class universities and colleges not only for Indian students but, also for the foreign students. The facility of distance and online education is also provided in our education system so as to make them highly qualified and skilled. They are not made engrained with the theoretical knowledge but, also make them settled with the practical knowledge in all the fields. Due to the recent vertical growth and establishment of Indian students, it has gained attention from all over the world. In every top most MNC’S there is a good percentage of Indian employees, which automatically shows the Indian talent. The intelligent population of our country can be the most powerful league of minds if focus on certain lacking points that is making us short among the top developed countries of world.

The structure of education in India is planned in such a formulated way that it does not even destroys the life of a child and also make him or her efficient enough with the knowledge to get recognized everywhere with their skills. The infrastructure provided to the students in India is one of the key points that need to be pondered upon. The faculty is highly qualified and gives the best out of their experience and knowledge to the students. Our homeland provides free and compulsory education to the children between the ages of 6 to 14 years so that no child of the country remains uneducated and hampers the growth of the country. The literacy rate has increased with a greater pace in past few years because of the government aid to the poverty deprived people.

Various amendments are taken by the government and various organizations that serve for the education system of the country to uplift our education system and make it the best one among the world. The day is not far when the people of our country will be the most qualified and India will be renowned for its exemplary education system.            


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