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Monday, 1 June 2015

Kuvempu University Distance Education Courses MBA, BBA, MCA, BCA, BA

Opulent and quick booming Kuvempu University may be a acknowledged public State university of province, and is that the youngest affiliating university within the State until currently. ceremony name and laurels of the nice Kanarese author and author, Kuvempu, this university was established as per Associate in Nursing Act of the province State law-makers within the year 1987. within the year 1994, this prestigious kuvempu university noninheritable  correct recognition from UGC, and is nowadays, a acknowledged member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). massively fashionable for first-rate postgraduate and student courses during a wide selection of serious disciplines, this kuvempu university province, covers four districts of the State, namely, Shimoga, Chitradurga, Davangere, and Chikmagalur, below its instructional jurisdiction. At present, there ar over one hundred fifty connected schools and institutes by this university ar settled and functioning excellently in these districts of the State.

The main campus of this kuvempu university of Karnataka is located in the district of Shimoga at Shankaraghatta, which is just about 25 Km from the city centre of Shimoga. This affluent urban campus is established over an area of 230 acres (0.93 Km2), and contains about 60 postgraduate academic departments. The academic schools of this university at present, are the following: ---

  • SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES, LITERATURE & FINE ARTS: --- Departments of Kannada; English; Hindi; Urdu; and Department of Sanskrit
  • SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES: --- Departments of Sociology; Political Science; History & Archaeology; Social Work; Journalism & Mass Communication; Adult Continuing Education and Field Outreach; and Department for Interdisciplinary Study and Research in Cultural Studies
  • SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS & BUSINESS STUDIES: --- Departments of Economics (P.G.Centre, Kadur); Business Economics (MBE); Commerce; Business Administration; Tourism Administration; and Department of Master of Banking, Finance & Insurance
  • SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES: --- Departments of Mathematics; Computer Sciences; Computer Applications (MCA); Industrial Mathematics and Computer Applications; Physics; Electronics; and Department of Library & Information Science
  • SCHOOL OF CHEMICAL SCIENCES: --- Departments of Chemistry; Industrial Chemistry; Biochemistry; Organic Chemistry; and Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry -P.G.Centre, Kadur
  • SCHOOL OF BIO SCIENCES: --- Departments of Applied Zoology; Wild Life Management; Applied Botany; Biotechnology; Bioinformatics; Microbiology; Clinical Psychology; and Department of Nanoscience and Technology
  • SCHOOL OF EARTH SCIENCES & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: --- Departments of Applied Geology; Remote Sensing Application; Water Management & Water Harvesting; and Department of Environmental Science
  • SCHOOL OF LAW: --- Department of LL.M (Business Law)
  • SCHOOL OF EDUCATION: --- Departments of Education (M.Ed); and Physical Education (M.P.Ed. and B.P.Ed,)


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