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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

IGNOU vs SMU vs Symbiosis for Distance Education MBA

Management of Business Administration (MBA) has always been in demand. Presently, more than thousands of aspirants apply for management courses. Most of these are interested in pursuing distant learning courses. No wonder there are plenty of distance MBA programs offered across the country. Various state universities, self-governing colleges and open universities are offering distant learning programs under the category of management courses. These are named differently such as part-time business management courses, distant executive business administration courses, e-MBAs, and many more.

Since all of these claim to offer the best at competitive prices, it is quite difficult to choose any one of them. Some of the top rated universities in today’s time for distant education for management of business management include IGNOU, Symbiosis, SMU, etc. Before choosing a university, it is crucial to remember that only a few have gained the reputation and carved their names in the competitive corporate world.
The Comparison : IGNOU vs SMU vs Symbiosis
When it comes to value and recognition, Symbiosis and IGNOU are known to have developed a strong reputation in the market. Other universities have also faired quite decently but there is definitely a little difference. This difference is in value of diverse programs offered.
Distance MBA from SMU (Sikkim Manipal University)
Sikkim Manipal University is renowned for offering high quality Distance Education programs for MBA programs which includes:

Undergraduate courses
Postgraduate courses
Postgraduate Diploma courses

The university has over 6,500 mentors committed to offer premium quality education to students. It is also recognized by the Government- DEC for 3 academic years. SMU has collaborated with EduNext. This works for their online delivery system. Here, the students are offered top rated services such as exams, timely delivery of books, and many more.

SMU is known to house over 725 centers across 303 cities in about twenty nations. In India, SMU has over 350 SMU-DE exam centers conducting 22 lakh exams (and more). Here, the students are offered one-year PG Diploma in Specialization Areas of MBA. The program is offered in conjunction with 2-year MBA program in a variety of disciplines.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Distance Education Program by SMU provides specializations in the following fields:

Banking Management
Finance Management
Human Resources
Information System management
Marketing Management
Retail Operations
Total Quality Management
Project Management
Operations Management
Health care services management

Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)
Symbiosis was established in the year 2001. It attained huge popularity since inception. The popularity of the program has been increasing leaps and bounds since then. The distance learning centre offers a number of programs under the category of the following listed below:

Information Technology
Humanities & Social Sciences

The students are offered Two and One year PG Diploma Programs under the above listed faculties. Here, the Two Year PG Program is categorized into 4 different semesters. The one year program is categorized into 2 semesters.
IGNOU- Indra Gandhi National Open University
The Distance MBA course is essentially designed for the professionals who wish to continue study while working. This program is provided at around 58 centres and has almost 1400 study centres across the country. Students require giving an entrance test for the admission. This exam (OPENMAT) is conducted twice a year.
The Verdict - Who Is The Winner?
SMU is known to be the top Distance MBA College as far as rankings are concerned. However, the others aren’t ranked far. The Distance MBA degree from any of the above listed institutes is equivalent to full time degree.

SMU Good for Distance Education MBA Review

Distance management degrees are a trend these days. The reason belongs to the benefits of these degrees including the aspect of time saving. Here, it is possible to get a degree while you ear. The Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) allows you to fulfill all of your dreams.  When it comes to Distance Education, SMU is one of the most prestigious distance learning institutions. The university has introduced a wide variety of courses for the spring February in the year 2009.

These include three latest new specialisations in MBA programs:
Total Quality Management
Project Management
Operations Management
The university offers you the latest technology, personal classroom, and virtual lectures. Students can easily benefit from a relevant state-of-the-art core curriculum. The virtual classroom through TeL or technology enabled learning will help you to establish interaction directly with your faculty so as to boost learning experiences and a lot more. The facility of TeL is presently available only for MCA and MBA programs. It facilitate you to enjoy world-class quality education right from the comfort of your home or any other place you like at any point of time.

The course curriculum of SMU for Distance Education MBA allows candidates to do the following:
Get immense benefit from live lectures
Interact with professors and peers on the internet
Get Access to rich libraries
Enjoy access to online discussion forums (this is of great help for working professionals)
Apart from the above mentioned, being an SMU student comes with a benefit of time saving factor. Here, the student requires taking time off from work so as to attend classes. This is the place where students can learn at their own comfort and get a university degree even while working full time (the prospect of learning while earning).

When it comes to applying for admission into the Distance Learning Programs from SMU, the candidates require applying at any one of the six hundred 600 Authorized Learning Centres of the university.

The procedure for application is simple. All you require doing is following the steps mentioned below:
Select your preferred program.
Download the prospectus for the chosen program.
Buy the application form from your nearest SMU Learning Centre
Fill the application form.
Attach all of the requisite documents listed in the application.
Attach the course fee through a Demand Draft in favour of “Sikkim Manipal University, DE”. This is payable at Manipal / Udupi.
Submit the application form with all applicable documents at the Learning Centre.

Pondicherry University Distance Education MBA, MCA Admission Fee 2015-16

Pondicherry University offers distance education MBA course under directorate of distance education. In 2015 Pondicherry University offering 2 years MBA distance education courses with 7 specializations including Marketing , Finance, International Business, Human Resource Management, General, Retail Management & Tourism. Currently University is inviting applications for distance learning MBA admission 2015 session.

Pondicherry University entered the field of Distance Education in the academic year 1995 – 96 to cater to the aspirations of students who otherwise could not pursue higher education in the on campus academic programs. The university focus on sector specific job oriented professional programs. The Masters Programs in Management (MBA), among others, offered by the Directorate of Distance Education have made a mark of their own among the quality conscious unemployed youth and working people in the corporate India across the country.
Pondicherry University Distance Education MBA Courses

Currently Pondicherry university is offering following distance learning MBA courses.

Master of Business Administration in Marketing
Master of Business Administration in Finance
Master of Business Administration in International Business
Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management
Master of Business Administration (General)
Master of Business Administration in Retail Management
Master of Business Administration in Tourism
Modes of MBA Programs
All the distance education mba courses mentioned above are available in two learning modes
Distance Mode with personal contact programmes
Twinning Programmes
Distance Mode with Personal Contact Programmes
This programme is a combination of self study mode & study center. Study material for first semester students would be sent to the students before the commencement of PCP classes either by Registered Parcel or by Express Parcel Service. Apart from the study material, a set of text books for select subjects will also be provided for reference during the course of the study.

Personal Contact Program classes will be arranged at the centres identified by the Directorate. Students has to attend 40 hours classes per semester. Classes will be conducted on four weekends for four weeks, 5 hours per day.(8 days X 5 hours). Although Attendance to PCP classes is Optional.
Program Highlights
Printed Course Material
Standard Text Books
PCP Classes in nearby centres for distance mode
Affordable tuition fee
Twinning Programmes
The twinning program concept is yet another innovation of the Pondicherry University’s Directorate of Distance Education. It envisages a tie-up between the Directorate of Distance Education, Pondicherry University and another College/Institution of repute. These partner Institutions/Colleges are referred as TWINNING CENTERS of the Pondicherry University, DDE. The twinning centers organize all the important tasks on behalf of the University, viz; admission, conduct of classes during week-ends, semester examinations and liasoning with the University in a more structured fashion under the strict supervision and guidance of the Pondicherry University. you can visit Pondicherry University website for more information on  twinning programmes.
Program Highlights
Spot Admission at the twinning centres
Reputed Management Institutes/Schools from across the country
Regular weekend/Evening Classes
Access to the twinning Institutes resources
Pondicherry University Distance Education MBA Eligibility Criteria
Any degree from a recognized university under 10+2+3 or 11+1+3 or 11+2+2 system of college education.
Pondicherry University Distance MBA Admission Procedure
Applicants must go through the information brochure carefully before filling-up the
Application form and enter correctly the course code and name of the program.

The application form and Information Brochure can be had from:

1. The DDE office, Pondicherry University, Puducherry–605 014 in person free of  cost


2. By post on request with self addressed Ten Rupees stamped envelope (25x18 cm)  addressed to  The Director, DDE, Pondicherry University, Puducherry  – 605014.


3. can be downloaded from the University web site: .
Pondicherry University Distance MBA Fee Structure
The fee structure for pondicherry University Distance MBA is as follows.

Registration & Processing Fee
Matriculation Fee
University Development Fund
Recognition Fee (For Foreign University Degree – Rs.450)
Study Materials Fee & Handling Charges
Tuition Fee


The Fee may be paid as follows:

FIRST YEAR  - First Semester         (To be paid at the time of admission)- Rs.8175
FIRST YEAR  - Second Semester    (To be paid on or before 31st January )- Rs.3250
SECOND YEAR  - Third Semester   (To be paid on or before 31st July)- Rs.3250
SECOND YEAR  - Fourth Semester  (To be paid on or before 31st January)- Rs.3250

Tips to Clear IGNOU Open University MAT MBA Exam Successfully

IGNOU, it is crucial to clear the OPENMAT (Open Management Admission Test). This is considered to be the most common test to pick candidates for varied management courses including MBA (Management of Business Administration) offered by IGNOU.

IGNOU is one of the biggest universities across the country. This is also the reason that candidates from all over the country and abroad apply for this test with an aim to seek admission in a management course. All one needs to do is prepare well for the exam to be able to clear it.

While preparing for the exam, simply remember that OPENMAT MBA exam is one of the most sought-after and competitive exams. Hence, the preparation needs to be up to mark. Listed below are some tips to help you clear this crucial step of your life:
The Study Plan
The idea here is to create a realistic plan that goes according to your specific requirements, and schedule. In order to create this plan, you need to figure out the following:

Time you have in hand
Efforts you require making to complete the course
The material you require covering
Other priorities in hand
The format of the exam
Performance target

While preparing the plan, you must work out all of the material to be covered and create a timetable presenting what, when and the amount of time you would devote to study on a daily basis.
The Objective
Apart from clearing the main written test, you must also clear other parts of the test including the group discussion and the personal interview. Hence, you must prepare for the exam keeping these aspects in mind.
Support Material
Apart from the main study material, you should research some support materials and books that help you to clear exams. A lot of information is available online these days.
Mock Tests
You would require several of mock tests for preparation. This will help you know about your weakness, mistakes, and strengths.
Professional Help
There are a number of institutes where you can seek help for preparation. These institutions are run by experienced professionals holding many years of experience in the field of management.
Other Important Tips

Divide the course material for OPENMAT MBA exam into smaller segments before allotting them to final study sessions
Set crystal clear targets for accomplishing the course.
Prioritize the course elements to make sure you are through with the most important ones before entering the exam.
The course should be segregated according to the level of difficulty. You can complete the simpler ones sooner and allot more time for the difficult subjects.
Concentration is a must while preparing for the entrance exam. You must pick a quiet place such as the local library to study.
Take small breaks while studying.
Stay inspired throughout the study session. You need to remind yourself why the exam is important for you.

UK 1 Year MBA Degree not Approved in India

The UK 1 Year MBA degree in India is not approved. Hence, it is important that the candidates think twice prior to taking admission to the course. Lately, a report had stated that UK Master Degrees (spanning for a year) are NOT Master equivalent.

Presently the AIU (Association of Indian Universities) is the only renowned body across the country for granting academic equivalence for diplomas and degrees across the country. It also offers grants to other relevant abroad foreign.

Since the inception of Ministry of Human Resource Development in India, a notification was issued through a letter in the year 1995 announcing validity of equivalence performed by AIU for higher education and employment across the nation.

At present, India is not recognizing UK Master Degrees of 1 year duration. This has shocked a number of aspirants across the country. The criterion of AIU had specified that Masters (any including business administration) of less than two years duration will not achieve equivalence to ‘Masters’ degree in India for employment. It will also not be considered for educational purposes.

Although the private sector may not consider this as a valid point to assess the worth of their candidates for the time being, an additional consequence of the invalidity of Masters (1 year) in UK will keep the banks from granting education loans for these courses.

Apart from UK, the guidelines set by AIU guidelines is also applicable for the Masters degrees accomplished from other nations especially where the educational programs are fast-tracked so as to accomplish them in less than two years. Hence, most of the Masters degrees from Europe, New Zealand, US, and Australia will become invalid according to the present guidelines of AIU current guidelines. It is important for the students to be aware of these rules to avoid wasting time and money studying abroad under wrong programs.

The governments of UK and India have created a taskforce with an aim to address the problem. Hence, with mutual recognition of qualifications, UK is presently undertaking a project to plan its qualifications aligned with those offered in India. Kapil Sibal, the Indian lawyer and politician had declared previously he the issue must be solved by the academic year 2013. He had also assured that the British Council is an integral part of this taskforce and complete efforts would be employed to resolve the issue in order to support student mobility. However, nothing has been declared as of now.

Recently, many Indian graduates have faced problems with recognition of 1 year UK masters degree in India especially for their PhD study. There is a need to spread awareness about this issue to help students fall into trap. The universities offering 1 year MBA courses should also mention this in their disclaimer.

Courses Admission 2015 Jamia Millia Islamia Distance Education

Jamia Millia Islamia University offers both distance and regular education. You can avail Undergraduation, M.Phil, Post- graduation, Diploma, Certificate and other equivalent courses under this university. No discrimination is done here in regard of the caste or creed and the interest of all students can be catered here. It also ensures that it could meet the neglected Muslim sections time to time. Proving the founders’ legacy accurate they are continuously working towards providing steps for affirmative action so that the pace of their goals could be foster towards building a secular and integrated modern way of education. The path of their learning is nonstop from decades and is working towards negotiating with new ideas and moving towards emerging challenges of twenty-first century. Since September, 2002 they have started the education in distance pattern so that who cannot physically present in the campus. Urdu Correspondence Course is also conducted here via distance mode.

Jamia Millia Islamia Admission Procedure
Time to time Jamia Millia Islamia Institution announces date for admission and you can enroll yourself for it. The admission procedure is too simple to follow. One can learn wherever he/she is through this distance education offers. Self Learning material is provided to you through whom you can do self study. They have diverse committee that develops the entire structure of course and also do the overseas editing and writing. At national level they have 31 study centers and have few abroad too.
Courses offered by Jamia Millia Islamia Distance Education
Jamia Millia Islamia offers the following courses under distance education mode.

M.A in English- the course duration is of two years.
M.A in Hindi- A graduate in any discipline with Hindi as one of his main subject in graduation can apply for it.
M.A in History- it is also two year course to be commenced after graduation.
M.A in Sociology- it is one of the most popular course in this institution.
PGDGI (Post Graduate Diploma In Geo- Informatics)
PGDGC (Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counseling)
Bachelor of Education or B.Ed
B.A. General or Bachelors of Arts
B. Com or Bachelor of Commerce
BIBF or Bachelor of International Business and Finance
ADCHNT or Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware and Network Tech
DEE or Diploma in Electrical Engineering
DPGE or Diploma in Power Generation Engineering
DECCE or Diploma in Early Child Hood Care Education
CCIT or Certificate in Computer Information Technology
MAPS or M.A Political Science
MHRM or M.A Human Resource Management
M.A EDU or M.A Education
M.Com or Master of Commerce
BBS or Bachelor of Business Studies

This list ensures that now you can claim any degree even when you are in a job or staying in rural areas where no institutions are there. Education has no limitation and is not restricted to any boundaries, now with Jamia Millia Islamia Institution distance education has got new definition. Now learning is no more a stressful task or a barrier in your busy schedule with Jamia Millia Islamia Distance Education.

Courses Admission Fees Manav Bharti University Distance Education

State Legislature of Himachal Pradesh established Manav Bharti University under its state act and was informed by UGC Act 1956  U/S 2(f). Unlike other institutions which are urban located, it has its roots in rural areas of Solan in Himachal Pradesh. The environment of this university campus provides a hustle free platform packed with positivity due to the green surrounding.

Courses Offered By Manav Bharti University
Programs and diploma courses offered in this university consists of various Post Graduation / Under Graduation/ Diploma courses in its campus only. You cannot avail the benefits of distance education from here if you want to be a regular student.

Address of Manav Bharti University
Manav bharti university, Village- Laddo, P.O- Sultanpur, Kumhar Hatti, Solan.
Study Centres Available
The entire course of this university along with the fees pattern is approved by the government of Himachal Pradesh. No other study centres are available anywhere except this campus. No other learning centre and study centre is available anywhere except it but the option of distance education still remains here. As said many times earlier education cannot be refrained within any boundaries so as the courses offered from this university.
Various courses offered by MBU
1) Civil Engineering- under this course the various streams they have for you are as follows:

A) Mechanical engineering
B) Electrical engineering
C) Civil engineering
D) Electronics & Communication engineering
E) Computer service engineering

All these courses are divided into eight semesters and have duration of 4 years. The syllabus of these courses are governed under AICTE concerning to regulatory body norms.

Lateral Entry
In case if you are enrolling yourself for 2nd or 3rd year then minimum you have to hold 6 semesters under the guidance of AICTE.

2)  BCA- It is divided into 6 semesters with course duration of 3 years and is governed under the law of AICTE.

3) MCA- it requires 2 years with 4 semesters after PGDCA and it comes under AICTE.

4) BBA- 3 years and 6 semesters is what it is going to take under the regulatory body of AICTE.

5) MBA in various stream including Human Resource Management, Hospital Administration, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, Pharmaceutical Management and Retail- this course has 4 semesters to be covered in 2 years.

6) Diploma in Pharmacy in Allopathy and Ayurveda- It requires a duration of 2 years which is further divided into 4 Semesters to achieve.

7) Bachelor in Pharmacy in Allopathy and Ayurveda- under AICTE rules it requires 8 semesters in 4 years to be completed.

8) LLB- you need to score at least 50% if you belong to General quota or 45% if you are from SC/ST in order to enroll yourself for 3 years course.

9) BALLB- you need to score at least 50% if you belong to General quota or 45% if you are from SC/ST in order to enroll yourself for this 5 years course.

10) BA- you need to be at least 12 pass with English subject to enroll yourself for this 6 semesters course in 3 years.

11) MA- Graduate students with 45% marks or 2nd division holder or honors subject holders can go for this 4 semester’s course to be conducted in 2 years.

12) B. Com- a 12 pass students with minimum 45% can apply for this 3 years course to be held in 6 semesters.

13) M.Com- B.Com Students with at least 50% marks can opt for this 2 years course.

Students belonging to SC/ST get a rebate of 5% in educational qualification in all the above mentioned cases.

Manav Bharti University carves to train and educate the youth’s exploited talent so that they can withstand the tough circumstances of this competitive world through its distance and regular courses.

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