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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Guru Kashi University Distance Education College of Engineering & Technology-Physical Education Punjab

Fast thriving Guru Kashi University (GKU) settled in Talwandi Sabo of the Bathinda district of Punjab, is established taking the Guru Gobind Singh cluster of Institutes as its constituent components. These constituent faculties area unit extremely acknowledged and common by students and professionals happiness to places all across Punjab and different States of India, for a protracted time. With high and noble objectives of providing top-notch pedagogy to students in the least educational levels in numerous technical and non-technical disciplines, of making extremely gifted professionals and technocrats, and of serving the society generally and also the whole country, these all institutes area unit currently brought beneath the cover of this guru hot cereal university by the Balaji instructional Trust (set up within the year 1997), as per the Punjab general assembly Act No. 37 of 2011.

Spread over a vicinity of in depth forty five acres, this guru kashi university of Punjab contains a high-tech  and modern instructional field, well-adorned with first and lavish instructional infrastructure. within the nearest potential future, this non-public university desires to emerge jointly of the extremely prestigious, massively common, and also the high universities in Punjab, by means of its dedication to very good pedagogy within the below-mentioned disciplines, and to benevolent and noble motives of this university. At present, the subsequent area unit its constituent colleges:

  • Guru Gobind Singh College of Engineering & Technology
  • Guru Gobind Singh College of Education
  • University College of Agriculture
  • University School of Computer Applications
  • University Business School
  • University School of Physical Education
  • University College of Basic Sciences and Humanities


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