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Saturday, 24 January 2015


Eternal University
Being the second private Universities of Himachal Pradesh, the Eternal University was set up by an Act of State Legislature of Himachal Pradesh, which came into effect on 29th April, 2008. Functioning on the basis of a "no-profit-no-loss" basis, the Institute offers undergraduate courses as well as postgraduate courses in fields varying from Engineering, Management, and Public Health to Medical Sciences. The Kalgidhar Trust set up the University with a mission and vision of Universal Brotherhood and World Peace and they wanted to achieve this vision through Value Based Education.

Eternal University Campus

The University is located at a distance of 110 km from Shimla which is the state capital of Himachal Pradesh. IT is located in the Himalayas, and is popularly known as Eternal University Baru Sahib Solan or the Baru Sahib- the Valley of Divine Peace. It has spread over an area of 450 acres and contains several professional schools and colleges, an international Akal academy and other basic places including those of a hospital, a Gurudwara, a post office, a bank and a fuel station. The authority in charge at the Eternal University Baru Sahib campus can be listed as below:
Chancellor — Baba Iqbal Singh Ji
Vice Chancellor — Dr. Manmohan Singh Atwal
Director, Research & Development — Dr. K. S. Saini
Dean, Faculty of Education — Dr. Devinder Singh
Dean, Faculty of Post Graduate Studies — Dr. I. S. Hudiara
Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences — Dr. Neelam Kaur
Dean, Faculty of Economics — Dr. A. S. Oberoi
Dean, Faculty of Divine Music — Dr. Purvi Luniyal
Dean, Faculty of Management Studies- Dr. Ramandeep Singh
Dean, Faculty of Library & Information Systems- Dr. Ajit Singh
Training & Placement Officer — Dr. Y. Kaushik
Dean Student Welfare — Mr. V. K. Khanna

Eternal University Courses Offered and in Electronics and Communication and Computer Science and Engineering (Akal college of Engineering and Technology)
Bachelor Degree in Nursing (Akal College of Nursing and Health Sciences)
Honors in Economics( Akal School of Economics)
Bachelor of Arts (Honors)( Akal College of Divine Music and Spiritualism)
Scientific and Technical Education( Akal School of Post Graduate Studies)
3 year graduate course offered by Akal College of Arts and Humanities
Akal College of Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine imbibe the advantages of every form of medicine, right from Ayurveda, Chinese, Homeopathy, Unani as well as Allopath to produce Naturopathic Doctors.
Akal College of Public Health producing professionals in Healthcare.
Akal College of Business & Administration offering degrees in Business Administration.


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