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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Shiv Nadar University

Ancient India was the abode of knowledge. It has been found from various excavations and researches done by archeological department and various other connected institutions, that there were some big universities in ancient India and a number of subjects including arts, martial arts, Vedas, science, astronomy, astrology etc were taught there. By the invasion of various foreign people, we have to immerse those entire heritage and we forgot about it after being independence.

Shiv Nadar University has founded to gain back this glory of the past which India was enjoying in the field of education. Though the Shiv Nadar University courses are same as that of any other universities, the difference lies in the way of approach by the teachers and other staff members. They are following certain ethics which clearly states that providing education is a social service and not a business. This policy is clearly visible in the Shiv Nadar University facilities provided. Apart from well equipped laboratories and a rich library, university is maintaining a hygienic cafeteria and well furnished hostels also. Even on campus medical attention is also provided by the authorities. Shiv Nadar University faculties are also renowned for their quality and the professionalism followed by them.

This extra care taken by the university in the matters of students make them feel happier and there is no reason to get worry or upset. Friendly atmosphere and more personal care given by the teachers, increase the confidential level in them. This really reflects in Shiv Nadar University results. And a regular excellent result will automatically attract more and more new students to the university. That is happening and the Shiv Nadar University admission has become a tough process for the university authorities. As the number of applications is more the chances of human mistakes are more. So they have incorporated the latest technologies in this field and now everything has been done through a computerized system. Shiv Nadar University admission form dates will be published in the university website along with application forms and prospectus. All the necessary details will be there and there are other contact details of persons whom you will have to contact in case of any further doubts.


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