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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Punjab Technical University Study Center B tech Admission 2015

Punjab university act, in 1997, PTU was set up. The goal of the university is to provide advanced technical education in Punjab and other areas. It was started with 9 engineering colleges and also some other management institutions were affiliated by it. The university has grown dynamically since then and now it has more than hundred engineering colleges, around 150 management and information technology institutions along with 40 pharmacy colleges’ 11 hotel management colleges. Learning centres for PTU has outnumbered 2000. All these centres provide professional education via correspondence system. These are spread all over the country.

Before this, the students had to go outside for higher education but now since the university has grown well and have lots of colleges and centres all around the country, they can easily get education related to technology and management. Punjab Technical University has gain well recognition and is known for the best kind of education being provided at its centres. With its glorious history of 15 years, the university is proud to have educated at least 5 lace students in engineering domain. Out of these 5 lac, half of them are from other states.

The library of the university is built in-house in the campus. This is a three storey building and all the floors are interconnected. The whole building is air conditioned. Around 500 persons can study here at one time. The most important thing is that is can be reached from any department. Presently the library is for the staffs only. It occupies 2000 books from govt. Publications, statistical reports and several other related departments. It also includes 1000 thesis based on the researches from different branches.

There are almost all kinds of distant courses available in PTU. Bachelor in Business Administration, Bachelor in Computer Science, Master in Computer Application, Masters in Business Administration and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application are the major distant courses. The bottom line is, the PTU is one the best available university in India.


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