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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Mcom Distance Education Learning Program

Master of Commerce also known as M Com is the boon for these students who want to go in business field. As the professional world is growing rapidly with the help of high technologies, the need of qualified and skilled M Com professionals is increasing. M com is one of the most studies program around the globe. It lets the students have proper knowledge of business concerns. A master in Commerce can go in any job based on his interest and opportunity in professional life.

There are several universities in India and around the world that conduct the commerce course and masters is one of them. But these are not accessible to all of the students. Many students cannot go and opt for the courses due to certain hurdles in life such as financial problems or the long distances. Therefore some universities have come forward to take care about these students and so they have MCOM distance education programs.
This is similar as the regular course. The only advantage is you do not need to go the college for your studies and you can study at home based on your choice. You are given all information about your syllabus, course and also about the assignments. Now a question may come in your mind. How is it possible when you are not in the college? Here is the answer. These universities have lots of study circles around the country and you can touch your nearest study circle. The study circle works as a representative of the university that run the MCOM distance education program.

The duration of the course is two years. In this duration you are given knowledge of all kinds of commerce materials and you are then equivalent in knowledge as a regular MCOM student has. As far as the learning and classes are concerned the study circles conduct classes on holidays. You are doing correspondence course that means you do not have time for the regular course. So you cannot go the colleges for your classes therefore to reduce your hassles the universities conduct classes in their study circles. This is the best part of distance MCOM course.

You need to be a graduate for seeking admission in MCOM course. 3 years bachelor degree in any stream is required for the course. You may be either graduate in Commerce or in any stream. For admission all you need to do is to find the best university that run the program followed by finding the best study circle of that university. Go to the nearest circle and ask for admission process.

The admission process needs all your previous academic documents and course fee.  The course fee may either be deposited at the study circle or sent online via internet banking or bank cards. Mcom passed out students are given an opportunity to work with the great companies in the world. The bigger companies come for campus selection and you are given a chance to appear at the campus selection process.


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