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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Shridhar University Distance Education MBA,BBA, MBA DUAL,EMBA,PGDM,B.A,B.COM, M.A

About: Shridhar University

Shridhar University has been developed by the remarkable philanthropic efforts of a non-profit organization by the name of Sarvhit Trust. The trust has been unrelenting in its noble task of providing help for the youth up liftment through social service. Honorable Vijay Pal Yadav, the founder of the university is a committed leader passionately involved in transforming the destiny of the youth in the backward regions of the state of Rajasthan.

He himself studied in a village school and most of his education was sponsored from his own part-time jobs. After having a successful stint in the construction sector, Vijay Pal embarked on his dream project to educate the masses. The University is based on the belief that only concerted efforts of a group of individuals collectively can transform society. The university believes in the all round development of the students and hence, there are facilities for cultural, academic, sports and recreational activities within the campus. The eventual goal is to produce great leaders for our society.

Shridhar University faculties have been chosen with a great amount of care so as to provide the best teachers to deliver excellent classes in the different departments. The University has established some impressive facilities for awarding the finest education to its students.
The campus is well equipped with modern technologies for the benefit if the faculty and students, which aids the processes of learning, teaching and research. The faculty members of the university are well accomplished with years of experience behind them to offer the students with the best and the latest knowledge in their respective fields. The Shridhar University syllabus is well devised to keep pace with the fast changing educational needs and is at par with the best universities of the country.

The courses aim to equip the students with complete knowledge and practical skills and some experience to shine out in their future careers. The entire university is Wi-Fi enabled and enjoys an excellent state-of-art infrastructure and technologically backed class room, labs and libraries. Shridhar University examinations are semester based while the Shridhar university results are based on the evaluations which are both internal and external.


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