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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

ITM University Distance Education Results 2015

ITM University
The ITM University (the Institute of Technology & Management) of Gwalior is hugely famous nationwide and internationally for providing outstanding education, teaching, training, and research in a wide spectrum of fields, especially in the central regions of India. ITM University is a flagship institute of the ITM Universe (ITM Group of Institutes), which has been serving the education and employment sector of Madhya Pradesh and other neighboring States of India, significantly and very impressively for the past 15 years.

Established by the State Legislature of Madhya Pradesh, this private and multi-disciplinary university enjoys extensive national and international association and support of renowned educational institutions (for example, the University of Staffordshire and University of Greenwich of United Kingdom), for providing dual degrees, vocational and professional training, cutting-edge research, student and faculty exchange programmes, and placement of its qualified and talented students.
This leading university of Madhya Pradesh and the central part of India, is supported by a prestigious charitable trust named Samata Lok Sansthan, which has been nurturing several successful institutions in the fields of Engineering & Technology, Management, Computer Applications, Life Sciences, Nursing, etc., for a long time in the central regions of India. Thus, ITM University of Gwalior offers facilities, education, enlightening atmosphere, career opportunities, and employment to talented students and competent professionals of diverse sectors (described below). It boasts of an enviable track record of largest number of job placements in the State of Madhya Pradesh, and in the central regions of India. The largest Amphitheatre of India adorns its glamorous campus.

ITM University Campus
The campus of ITM University is constructed over a sprawling lush green area of massive 165 acres surrounded by Vindhyachal ranges, at Sithouli (beside NH-75, Jhansi Road), Gwalior. Within its campus are located huge and well-equipped classrooms, robust departmental buildings, comfortable accommodation amenities, museums, modern state-of-the-art laboratories, large inventory of diverse software, giant and rich library (largest in the central region of India), and various other fabulous amenities and facilities for creating congenial, educative, and enlightening environment. These are the ITM University facilities and resources which render it famous and popular among the students, faculties, and corporate bodies. The ITM University faculties are of international recognition and demand owing to their exclusive knowledge, teaching experience, and discerning expertise.

ITM University Courses Offered
Multi-disciplinary ITM University of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh (India) offers Diploma programmes, Integrated programmes, Graduate programmes, Post-Graduate programmes, and Ph. D programmes in a rather broad range of fields. These fully professional ITM University courses are provided by the following institutions of this leading university of Madhya Pradesh:

  • School of Engineering & Technology
  • School of Management & Commerce
  • School of Computer Applications
  • School of Languages and Library Studies
  • School of Technology Management
  • School of Teacher's Training (Education)
  • School of Polytechnic
  • School of Sciences
  • School of Nursing Sciences


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