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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Homoeopathy University Ph.D. in HOMOEOPATHY, M.D.(HOM.), B.H.M.S.

Homoeopathy University

Homoeopathy University Rajasthan was the outcome of the grand initiative of Dr. Girendra Pal, when in 1965 he established a university fully dedicated to provide knowledge on homoeopathy, not so commonly found in institutes of learning. With the valuable help of Dr.R.P.Mathur and Shri P.L.Banerjee, initially a small training programme of a small batch was started. Under the able leadership of Dr Mathur, the dream project progressed towards realization with the help of charity from a few sources.

It was the U.P. Board of Homoeopathy, Lucknow with which the university first got affiliated for B. M.S. Diploma. The team of dedicated persons left no stone unturned and overcome several challenges to eventually establish India's first institute to impart homoeopathic education at Post-graduate level when it got affiliated to Rajasthan University in Year 1990-91. One of its greatest achievements was that of awarding first M.D. in Homoeopathy in the country. Located in the heart of Jaipur with an area of 60000 Sq ft at a proximate distance to the railway station and the bus-stand, the Homoeopathy University Rajasthan is a seat of great learning for the aspirants of homeopathy degrees.

The university enjoys modernization as the departments are fully computerized, while the library is well stocked with books in Homeopathic and allied subject along with regular subscription of many national and international journals. The homoeopathy university syllabus is wide and comprehensive and is today recognized globally for its distinguishing standard. The departments are actively involved in research and scholarly activities to gain the best knowledge in the field. The homoeopathy university faculties are renowned all over the country for their brilliance and dedication to the field of teaching. The industrious members of Management Board, Secretary Dr.Girendra Pal, along with faculty members and bright students have collectively elevated the standards of their university to great heights.

There is a plethora of specialized courses in the university to choose from. Homoeopathy university courses include M.D. (HOM.) of 3 years duration. To get into the course one should have BHMS from any recognized institute of Homoeopathy and must pass the Selection Criteria Entrance Test. The details of the homoeopathy university admission for the different courses are mentioned on the website of the university. Homoeopathy university admission form dates are-Admissions Open June/July 2012. or its equivalent examination with five subjects. The University has a vibrant research wing and works assiduously on several research projects related to Homoeopathy and other paramedical fields. Interesting and upcoming subjects of international focus such as Drug Proving, drug action, drug contents, clinical research drug and disease oriented, drug verification and standardization, application of Homoeopathic drugs on animals and plants etc. generate a great deal of enthusiastic interest among the researchers.


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