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Friday, 27 March 2015

Central University of Bihar Distance Education UG Programme

One of the fifteen new central universities established by the govt of Republic of India as per the Central Universities Act of 2009, is that the glorious Central University of Bihar (CUB). These new central-funded universities ar got wind of in those States of Republic of India, placed in regions all across the country, that had no any central university for correct academic and intellectual, social, cultural, and economic development and progress within the several States. At present, this extremely bold central university of Bihar, is engaging from the premises of the Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Patna; that is set at Samanpura. Its permanent and best field can presently be well-established at Panchanpur, that is simply regarding ten kilometre from town of Gaya. The aims and objectives of CUB ar listed within the Section five of the Central Universities Act of 2009, that put together request to nurture and promote top-notch pedagogy at numerous educational levels; produce extremely competent and innovative professionals, technocrats, and managers as per the requirements of the involved industrial fields; and to contribute considerably to the commercial, social, economic, and cultural uplift of Bihar, and therefore the nation at massive.

At present, this central university of bihar patna, is richly embellished with the following major and magnificent academic schools:

  • School of Earth, Biological and Environmental Sciences — Center for Biological Sciences; and Center for Environmental Sciences
  • School of Human Sciences — Center for Psychological Sciences
  • School of Languages and Literature — Center for Foreign Languages (English); and Center for Indian Languages (Hindi, Urdu)
  • School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science — Department of Computer Science; Department of Mathematics; Department of Statistics
  • School of Media, Art & Aesthetics — Centre for Mass Communication and Media
  • School of Social Sciences and Policy — Centers for Development Studies, Economic Studies and Policies, Political Studies, and Sociological Studies
  • School of Education — Centre for Education
  • School of law and governance — Centre for Law and Governance


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