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Saturday, 21 March 2015

William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Newly established William Carey University of Shillong may be a extremely prestigious, innovative, and accountable personal university within the State of Meghalaya, and conjointly in entire north-eastern Asian country. This william carey university not solely seeks to produce instructional degrees of international standards in its broad-range of choose disciplines and subjects, however conjointly cherishes to bring forth a positive and ascent transformation within the socio-economic, environmental, and social group and cultural sectors of Meghalaya and different States of the north-east Asian country. ceremonial occasion the name and nice deeds of William Carey, a widely known and illustrious pioneer of social and academic initiatives in Asian country and abroad, this william carey university sillong, has been well-established by the State legislative assembly Act No-76 of 2005 of Meghalaya, and is well-affiliated to the ACTS cluster of establishments of Bangalore. situated at Zoram Villa, Bomfyle Road, Shillong, this extremely formidable and visionary william carey university Asian country, conducts in the main postgraduate, research-oriented, and doctorial programs of international standards within the following social, scientific, environmental, and cultural subjects, so as to contribute actively and vastly to the economic development, environmental development, and socio-cultural development of Meghalaya, different members of the seven-sister States, and remainder of the planet. Well-read, richly knowledgeable about, and internationally purported teaching colleges and analysis specialists happiness to Asian country and different countries worldwide are going to be supporting dedicatedly to wealthy, innovative, and stylish programs and analysis of this one amongst the leading and high universities in meghalaya during this respect.

Funded sky-high by several national and international agencies, this william carey university meghalaya, has created educational and appurtenant collaborations and rapport with several purported universities and institutes of Asian country and different countries of the planet over, for providing internationally acceptable degrees, particularly at postgraduate and doctorial levels. These programs are going to be on the market on the idea of regular and part-time schedules to Indian and foreign students and students. although the choice of subjects by this discerning university is created with special thought to the north-east Asian country, the courses and problems to be handled also will nurture to the world realities.

These subjects and programs basically cowl social sciences, environment-related studies, social group studies, faith and culture, education and teaching, job-oriented line courses, and different fields/subjects deemed necessary for environmental and socio-economic development of the States of north-east Asian country. the subsequent square measure the broad classes of courses conducted by this intelligent and meticulous personal university of Shillong:

  • Doctoral Programs
  • Research Programs
  • PG Diploma in Education
  • Integrated Research Programs
  • Master of Arts (M. A) in Environmental Management, Development Management, Education, Sociology, Social Work, etc.


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