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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Central University of Tamil Nadu PhD B. A; B. Sc; B. Ed Thiruvarur, Admissions 2015-16 Distance Education

One of the foremost, quick progressing, and putative universities in Madras, is that the Central University of Madras (CUTN), established underneath the Central Universities Act of 2009, by the govt. of Asian nation. the most objectives of this central university of Madras area unit to supply ace-quality instructional and analysis courses in disciplines of nice productivity and modern importance; produce bright and innovative professionals and managers to serve the involved industries; and contribute to the event and prosperity of connected economic sectors, and social and economic development and uplift of Madras and different States of Asian nation. This central university of Madras Asian nation, had started acting from its temporary seven-acre field at the Thiruvarur District Collectorate, on the Thanjavur Road. The permanent campuses of this central university area unit quick being created within the villages of Neelakudi and Nagakudi, which can be well-equipped with all trendy and lavish amenities and facilities. Its tutorial field is being chop-chop developed in Neelakudi over associate expanse of regarding 415 acres, that the residential field of this central university of Madras are within the Nagakudi village, over a section of quite one hundred acres. taciturn however made info regarding the courses of this central university of Madras neelakudi, is being provided one by one.

At present, this central university of Madras offers the subsequent instructional and analysis courses, with economical and wonderful support of the below-mentioned major school schools:

  • School of Social Sciences and Humanities — Departments of English, Tamil, Economics, and Social Work.
  • School of Basic and Applied Sciences — Departments of Physics, Chemistry, and Life Sciences.
  • School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences — Department of Mathematics.
  • School of Communication — Department of Communication.
  • School of Education and Teaching — Department of Education and Teaching.
In collaborations with the Madras School of Economics (MSE), the NLSIU of Bangalore, and the Central Institute of Classical Tamil (CICT), this one of the reputed and top universities in tamil nadu offers the following academic programs at diverse levels:

  • Five-Year Integrated M. Sc Programs in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, and in Economics
  • Four-Year Integrated Programs for B. A; B. Sc; B. Ed
  • M. A in English Studies; Classical Tamil; Media and Communication; Social Work in Mental Health
  • M. Sc Programs in Sciences; General Economics; Financial Economics; Actuarial Economics; Environmental Economics; Applied Quantitative Finance; etc.
  • Ph. D Programs in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English


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