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Friday, 20 March 2015

Presidency University of Kolkata Bengali Economics Geography Biological Sciences English Philosophy

Presidency University of Kolkata was in the past broadly noticeable and tremendously presumed as the Hindu College and the Presidency College. This notable instructive foundation was made in the year 1817, and accordingly is one of the most seasoned foundations for higher studies in India, as well as in the whole South Asia, for giving western instruction in a wide scope of instructive and expert controls. In this way, for over one century, this Presidency College has been a profoundly prestigious and most famous foundation for superlative advanced education in whole West Bengal, which drew various understudies and researchers from States all over India and numerous outside nations around the world, consistently. The new administration college kolkata, has been completely and only engaged to keep up excellent and radiant custom of past administration school. Arranged at the College Street, Kolkata, this unitary and state-supported college has been one of the head organizations in West Bengal, as well as in entire India, for sublime courses in liberal expressions and sciences.

The name Presidency University was conceded rightfully and deferentially to this famous instructive foundation of West Bengal, through a State Legislative Act went in the year 2010, under the Chief Ministership of Shri Buddhaded Bhattacharya, a previous understudy of Presidency College. With restored assets, vitality, and eagerness, this administration college of Kolkata, now means to turn into one of the gigantically famous and rumored, driving and creative, and top colleges in west bengal and India, in the closest future decades.

This notable and decently established administration college has the accompanying fundamental and significant personnel divisions, at present:

    Department of Bengali
    Department of Economics
    Department of Geography
    Department of Biological Sciences
    Department of English
    Department of Philosophy
    Department of Political Science
    Department of Geology
    Department of History
    Department of Mathematics
    Department of Physics
    Department of Chemistry
    Department of Statistics
    Department of Hindi
    Department of Sociology


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