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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Glocal University Faculty Photo Gallery Placements Result 2013-14

One of the foremost and quick progressing personal universities in Uttar Pradesh, is that the freshly established Glocal University of Saharanpur. This generous and non-profit university has been incepted diligently by the Grand Peak cluster, to supply top-notch skilled education to Indian and world students and students in a very big selection of academic and skilled streams. originated within the year 2012 underneath the State general assembly Act No-2 of Uttar Pradesh, the glocal university is well-constructed beside the motorway fifty seven, at Mirzapur Pole of the Saharanpur district of the State. the choice of its location is definitely terribly thoughtful, originative, and glorious, to be tributary to its high and noble objectives. Its monumental and best field is well-crafted over a sprawling inexperienced space of three hundred acres, on the foothills of placid Shivalik Mountains; and is kind of near New Delhi, and therefore the industrial cities of Dehradun and Saharanpur. Through this distinctive and bewitching mix of modern and progressive infrastructure and soothing natural surroundings, this Glocal University seeks to fulfill the subsequent high and worthy objectives — providing superlative skilled education for up to date world applications, promoting industry-oriented and research-oriented learning, facilitating courses and analysis of international standards through tie-ups with purported foreign universities of the planet, and making applicable professionals and managers to serve the involved industries and society impeccably. By virtue of those admirable qualities and specialties this aborning university needs to become one in every of the massively widespread and high universities in Uttar Pradesh in nearest future years.

This imaginatively well-established the glocal university Uttar Pradesh, conducts over thirty five academic and skilled courses starting from the undergrad to student levels in the majority streams mentioned, with extremely economical and skilled support of the subsequent seven major and most vital schools:

  •     Glocal School of Technology
  •     Glocal School of Business
  •     Glocal School of Computer Science
  •     Glocal School of Education and Research
  •     Glocal School of Legal Studies and Research
  •     Glocal School of Media and Cultural Studies
  •     Glocal School of Commerce


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