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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Central University of Karnataka Admission School of Undergraduate Studies Recruitment

This major, quick progressing, and prestigious Central University of state has been established underneath the Central Universities Act, 2009 of the Parliament of Asian nation. Thus, this central university of state is one in every of those central universities that are discovered as per this Act of 2009, throughout the XI th five-year plans. At present, this CUK is functioning with efficiency from its temporary field at the Gulbarga University, and is well-equipped with all necessary resources like body workplace, laptop science lab, library, and fashionable educational school rooms. The permanent field of this central university of state Asian nation, can shortly be created over an in depth space of regarding 625 acres at Kadaganchi Suntanur villages of the Aland Taluka, and on the Gulbarga-Waghdhari inter-state route. The new field of this prestigious university are associate affluent one, with all fashionable and lavish educational, residential, and adjuvant facilities. educational collaborations with purported national and international institutes and universities will be created for giving education and analysis of international standards by this CUK.

Dedicated to the subsequent noble and revolutionary objectives, this central university of state needs to become associate internationally purported center for education and analysis, and one in every of the foremost prestigious and prime universities in state in future years. Its main and supreme objectives area unit — to supply superlative education and analysis in most most important disciplines, and promote prolific creativeness and innovation in these streams; to form special provisions for wealthy integrated courses in streams like humanities, science & technology, social sciences, and commerce and management; to make bright and accountable professionals and managers through top-notch education and training; to encourage and enrich knowledge domain studies and research; and contribute notably to the commercial, social, and economic development and progress of state and Asian nation. For elaborate data regarding this central university of state.

At present, this central university of state gulbarga, has the subsequent full-fledged educational faculties, that conduct the below-mentioned instructional and analysis courses at various educational levels:

  •     School of Business Studies — Postgraduate (PG) and Ph. D courses in Business Studies, Commerce, and Economic Studies and Planning, including MBA.
  •     School of Earth Sciences — M. Sc in Applied Geography & Geo-Informatics, and in Applied Geology & Geo-Informatics; Ph. D in Geography and Geology.
  •     School of Humanities and Languages — PG and Ph. D degrees in Kannada Literature and Culture; English Literature; Hindi Language; etc.
  •     School of Social and Behavioral Sciences — M. Sc in Psychology; Master's degree in Social Work; and Ph. D degrees in History and Psychology.
  •     School of Undergraduate Studies — Undergraduate and Integrated courses in Business Administration, Geography, Psychology, Geology, English, History, and Economics.
  •     School of Computer Science — MCA
  •     School of Chemical Sciences — PG and Ph. D courses in Chemistry.
  •     School of Physical Sciences — M. Sc in Physics, and Mathematics.
  •     School of Engineering — B. Tech and M. Tech in Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Bio-Engineering, and Bio-Medical Engineering.


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