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Saturday, 21 March 2015

UKA Tarsadia University Ph. D. ProgrammeBardoli, Surat, Gujarat, India.

Very determinedly and benevolently established by the extremely acknowledged Bardoli Pradesh Kelavani Mandal (BPKM), the UKA Tarsadia University of Gujarat could be a quick roaring non-public university of international prominence. Recognized from the govt.  . of Gujarat, below the State law-makers Act No-25 of 2011, and conjointly from the section twenty two of the Indian UGC Act of 1956, this uka tarsadia university is well-established to fulfill sure high, noble, and ethical objectives (mentioned below) involved with prosperity of society and industrial and economic progress of Asian nation. extremely prestigious and philanthropic BPKM Trust was incepted within the year 1960 to unfold the luxurious lightweight of quality pedagogy in Bardoli of Surat, in alternative districts of Gujarat, and alternative States of Asian nation. throughout its long and really self-made journey since then, this trust has established several schools and institutes for giving collegian and postgraduate instructional programs in a very big selection of standard and really prolific disciplines. The constituent institutes of this Trust square measure listed below. to fulfill expeditiously the ever-growing demands of extremely proficient professionals, technocrats, and managers in industries and firms of assorted economic sectors, this uka tarsadia university tarsadi has been established.

Located at Maliba field, Tarsadi, this generous non-public university is well-equipped with requisite tutorial and residential infrastructure, and lavish facilities and services, to fulfill its lofty goals. The admirable aims of this uka tarsadia university Asian nation, square measure --- creation, augmentation, dissemination, and continuation of data through top-notch learning and research; conveyance applicable and ingenious education to tackle up to date industrial needs and changes; and contributory well and remarkably to the economic progress and prosperity of the country. Through maintaining these campaigns, this quick progressing university wishes to become one in all the foremost standard and high universities in gujarat in nearest potential future.

With veteran and economical support of the subsequent constituent institutes of prestigious BPKM Trust, and tutorial departments of the UKA Tarsadia University, this new established university offers associate rich gamut of instructional and skilled courses at numerous levels, that square measure mentioned below separately:

Constituent Institutes —

  1.     Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management & Computer Application
  2.     C.G.Bhakta Institute of Biotechnology
  3.     Maliba Pharmacy College
  4.     Chhotubhai Gopalbhai Patel Institute of Technology
  5.     B.V.Patel Institute of Business Management, Computer Information Technology
  6.     Maniba-Bhula Nursing College
  7.     Shrimad Rajchandra School of Sports
  8.     Shrimad Rajchandra College of Physiotherapy

Departments —

  •     Department of Computer Science and Technology
  •     Department of Chemistry
  •     Department of Management & Commerce


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