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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Tezpur University,Tezpur,Assam,India, Phone: 03712 267 008

One of the most important, internationally acknowledged, and quick progressing universities in Assam, is that the central university named the Tezpur University. This extremely bold, accountable, and sumptuous university of the north-eastern Asian nation was established with visionary initiatives of the govt. of Assam and therefore the Indian Government within the year 1994. Here, it's quite noteworthy that, this tezpur university Assam, is that the terribly 1st university of Asian nation to supply a postgraduate program within the process geophysics, and is one in all the few universities in entire Asian nation that possesses a grand and exclusive department of Energy. Again, its department of physics is one in all its kind in whole Asian nation that introduced an expensive and extremely prolific knowledge domain course in Bioelectronics at the postgraduate level. This tezpur university is well-established over a district of 262 acres at Napaam, that could be a suburbia of Tezpur distant concerning fifteen metric linear unit east of this town. Napaam could be a mix of rural and residential area regions and a cherished home to folks of various caste, creeds, languages and religion; whereas Tezpur is that the headquarters of the Sonitpur district of Assam.

The declared objectives of this tezpur university of Assam ar to conduct extremely employment-oriented skilled and knowledge domain courses, principally at the degree of postgraduate and academic degree, to satisfy the commercial and organic process necessities of Assam and different States of Asian nation; to supply distance education courses to supply educational activity to folks residing in rural and remote areas of Assam and different components of India; nurture with-it analysis in extremely important and rising new areas of science and technology; and to push national integration of India through providing linguistic, tribal, and cultural studies. Through heart-whole and fearless dedication to those aims, this fast and visionary tezpur university cherishes to become of the vastly standard, reputed, and high universities in Assam and therefore the entire north-eastern Asian nation, within the nearest doable future years.

This tezpur university Asian nation, is particularly distinguished and desirable for skilled and analysis courses at the postgraduate and academic degree levels. However, attributable to the ever-growing quality of its courses, it's currently additionally started providing the graduate-level courses in most of its disciplines, along side the credential and certificate courses. At present, this tezpur university Assam, has four large and most vital educational faculties, that ar any divided into seventeen educational departments and 3 special educational centers. the faculties and departments ar as under:

  • School of Sciences — Departments of Chemical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Physics, and Environmental Sciences.
  •     School of Engineering — Departments of Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Food Engineering and Technology, and the department of Energy.
  •     School of Humanities and Social Sciences — Departments of English and Foreign Languages, Cultural Studies, Mass Communication and Journalism, Sociology, Hindi, and Center of Assamese Studies.
  •     School of Management Sciences — Department of Business Administration and Center for Disaster management.


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