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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Central University of Gujarat Distance Education BA MA MBA MCA in India

Fast flourishing Central University of Gujarat could be a terribly bold university of upper education and analysis, that was established underneath the Act No-25 of the Parliament of India within the year 2009. settled in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, this central university is devoted to several high, benevolent, and noble objectives, to learn and uplift individuals and professionals of Gujarat and India. the foremost vital among these objectives of the central university of gujarat ar to supply international-quality and extremely skilled education and analysis to Indian and foreign students and students in an exceedingly broad vary of extremely employment-oriented, prolific, and revolutionary fields and areas; to introduce special provisions for integrated courses; educate and train workforce to serve industries altogether economic sectors; to nurture analysis and innovation for higher teaching and learning; to enhance social and economic conditions of individuals and professionals; and to contribute well and remarkably to the commercial and economic development of Gujarat and India, and prosperity and welfare of the society normally. Within the nearest future years, this central university of gujarat gandhinagar, needs to emerge out collectively of the internationally acknowledged and high universities in gujarat, through fearless commitment to those objectives.

At present, this central university of gujarat India, has the subsequent well-established and totally practical college colleges and centers, through economical and dedicated support of that, the subsequent postgraduate and doctorial programs ar conducted within the below-mentioned disciplinary areas:

  • School of Social sciences — M. A in Society and Development; Integrated M. A (five year) in Social Management; M. Phil/Ph. D in Economics, Gandhian Though and Peace Studies, Society and Development, Diaspora Studies, and in Science, Society and Development.
  • School of Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies — M. A in English, German Studies, and in Chinese Language and Culture; M. Phil/Ph. D in Comparative Literature, and in Hindi Language and Literature.
  • School of International Studies — M. A in Politics and Governance; M. Phil/ Ph. D in Internal Security.
  • School of Chemical Sciences — Certificate Course (three months) in Analytical Techniques for Visually Challenged; M. Sc (two year) in Industrial Chemistry; M. Phil/Ph. D in Chemical Sciences.
  • School of Life Sciences — M. Phil/ Ph. D in Life Sciences.
  • School of Environment and Sustainable Development — M. Phil/ Ph. D in Environment and Sustainable Development.
  • Centre for Nano Sciences — M. Phil/ Ph. D in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.
  • Centre for Library and Information Science — Master of Library and Information Science (M.L.I. Sc.)


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